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Tremendously cheap solar beams concentrator (SBC)-copied from 7/10/2014

Tremendously cheap solar beams concentrator (SBC)
David Judbarovski, pensioner, Israel
judbarovski@gmail.com, http://judbarovski.livejournal.com
{109}-(41) and so on– 6-7.10.2014

My SBC disclosed below was designed to be extremely simple and cheap of about US$ 10.0/m2 of solar flux. So for Israel weather conditions, it is US$ 0.00055-0.0011 /kWh of heat of 650 Centigrade, can be transformed in very cheap electricity by US$ 0.002 -0.004/kWh if turbine-generator or by US$ 0.001 – 0.002/kWh if my fuel cell mentioned below or if my antenna transformer of thermal energy into electricity.
The key idea of my SBC is widely using of common and cheep and recyclable materials in small quantity mainly in a form of foils, and quite small dimensions about 1 sq. meter solar flux of the device. The last can diminish wind loads on it. Therefore it additionally can diminish a weight of the materials used and being proportional to a cube of dimensions. The big durability of the SBC had been provided by usage of durable materials and protecting covers protecting our mirrors against chemical degradation and atmospheric precipitations and dirties and against wind loads.

Here I use a planar mirror that redirects solar beams onto a dish concentrating mirror, so the last is motionless with motionless focal spot. The last excludes a twin tube for a heat carrier, and big heat loses from flexible tubes between the focal spot and the heat carrier collectors. Because a focal spot is motionless, the only moving parts of the SBC system are the planar mirrors and pumps to pump heat carriers through motionless tube. All that can provide very high reliability of the SBC.
In its turn a cost share of the pumps and tubes per kWh of heat produced is negligible in comparison with a total cost of the said SBC.
Such system can be an electricity producer round-the-clock and all-the-year-round by applying two loops of heat carriers connected serially.
The first carrier can work even if a frost and can be a hydrocarbon “oil”. The second currier can work up to much higher temperature than the first one. The both carriers can work by well known two-tanks scheme to provide constant end temperature.
The said end temperature can be stored in a form of chemical energy in quantity reserved to be enough to support the uninterrupted production of electricity following any desired schedule of electricity consume.
The said chemical energy in a form of chemicals is produced by surplus energy of that system and released if growing demand. It can be a conventional chemistry, or very promising my technology of fuel cells can be recycled without interruption of it work by heat of any nature.
The last is my principle invention.

The cocoons pretecting our mirrors are UV- stabilized PET foils of 100 microns, a planar mirror is a thin foil too with very thin Al reflecting cover. One of the said PET foils must be transparent.
The planar systems includes its steel frame.
A steel frame is fixing to its back said a spheroid joint of a sun tracking mechanism. All manufactoring and assembling procedures need some seconds of work.
The dish concentrator has analogous steel frame surrounded by protecting PET foils with thin dish mirror inside the cocoon.
The both mirrors have own pedestals of steel tubes (d=2.8 cm, thickness = 0.28 cm), concreted in the ground, one is ~ 0.7 m height and the second is ~ 0.4 m, so the both are ~ US$ 1.5 in sum.
An extremely small & cheap & simple sensor (four tiny photodiodes surrounded by orthogonal walls) helps to redirect accurately solar beams from the planar mirror on to the dish concentrator, while the said planar mirror is tracking the sun by thin polyamide wires pulled by two micro-motors being very small & cheap & energy saving, because the planar mirror is extremely light in weight and moved very slowly mainly without any reverse.
Economics estimations if heat can be up to 650 Centigrade:
(a) Planar unit = US$ 1.2 * 1.4 m2 + 0.7 = 2.4
(b) dish concentrator = 2.2
(c) 2 pedestals = 1.5
(d) 2 electric micro-motors = ~ 1.5 if big order + sensor & controller (negligible)
And 7.6 in sum + 20% = ~ US$ 10.0 totally. QED!!!

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