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Ultracheap and super energy effective solar antennas electricity

Ultracheap and super energy effective solar antennas electricity
Author: David Judbarovski, 75, Israel
judbarovski@gmail.com , http://judbarovski.livejournal.com
LJ – 4253/12.9.2007, 5849/12.02.2008, 52137/03.12.2011,
It is a solar panel containing a matrix of nanoantennas, are used to transform practically full spectra of solar irradiation into electricity with energy efficiency being near 100%.
Ultra-cheapness of such panel is guaranteed by special technology of its production with lines’ width about 30 nm or even less, and by its high productiveness.
At first it is created on thin glass substrate an ultra-thin layer of a metal with relatively lower evaporation temperature and enthalpy. After that a concentrated electron beam etches a lot of nanoantennas jointed serially and then with a layer of rectifiers forming compact groups of DC can further be jointed into output electricity.
They can be cheapened additionally if using small (about 1 meter diameter) solar beams concentrating systems analogously to television dish antenna.
Solar beams reflector of such concentrator has holes and is placed inside a cocoon with outside thin foils on all sides of the said cocoon, while its front side is transparent. All these allow the said solar beams reflector to be about 0.25 mm thickness or ever thinner, because it is protected by its holes and by the cocoon against wind pressure, and its relatively small size guarantees a reflecting form to be saved, because it is loaded by its weight only.
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